How can I become an active listener?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Communications expert Sean McArdle discusses the importance of becoming an effective listener including how to become an active listener.

    Host: How can I become an active listener?

    Sean MacArdle: Active listeners go through a process, overtime not overnight; they turn the process into a habit. Once active listening becomes a habit then they do it on what we call a subconsciously proficient basis. Till then, they are pretty much left up to whatever habits they brought into the day where listening is concerned.

    I will give you a good example; many times, we will actually listen to our boss whether we will listen to our spouse. Now, in the big scheme of things our values as a human being tell us our spouse is more important than our boss. But, we sometimes get to the point where at home we think we have heard it all from those people we know best. So, we hear but we don t actually listen because we have already attached meaning to that message before. When we get into a situation where knowing what s going on is important, we become an active listener.