How can I build beliefs that will take me to the top?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Communications expert Sean McArdle discusses how to become a better salesperson including how to build beliefs that will take you to the top.

    Host: How can I build beliefs that will take me to the top?

    Sean McArdle: For years I have been trying to say to people and I think there are many, many, many experts who say the same thing which is, if you want to have a successful life, you must have a positive mental attitude. But then they stop, they do not actually tell you how to get a positive mental attitude. I believe that in sales, you must own one or you will not succeed overtime.

    In fact, people who do not have a positive mental attitude do not last in sales very long at all. So, then, the question becomes, how is it that we develop a positive mental attitude? The answer is there are two ways, the first is training. Always look for the silver lining, always look for opportunity in crisis, always look for, you get the point. See, it is called the skill of framing. The world says lemons, make lemonade, right? You hear all these things but it s really true. Let us say, you lose your job today because your company is not doing well. You say, Well, thank heavens. I got out of that company. I want to go to a company that is really succeeding. In other words, look for the opportunity in the crisis of losing your job. If you are out on a sales call and somebody says, No, I will not do business with you. I do not like your company, even though they have never done business there before. You say, Well thank God, he did not really tell me something truthful and there is nothing worse than having to sell to somebody, who does not tell you the truth. So, it s how you look at life and you could train your mind to do that. I have a friend who used to say that he changed the name of his clock from an alarm clock to an opportunity clock. So, instead of looking it as an alarming thing that you have to wake up and go to work in the morning, he viewed it as the clock that went off and said, Hey, all the opportunity in your life is out there right now for you to take advantage of. So, that is the skill of training your mind to be positive. Now, here is the second way to be positive. It is by the skill of comparison, you see, I believe that the easiest way to be positive is to be constantly and consistently grateful for what you have. What we have especially in this country is extraordinary opportunity. Now, I have been working for a very long time and one of the things that I found is that there are two types of people. There are those who look their life and think that it happens to them, there are others yet, who look at life and say, I can make something happen in this world. We call one somebody who operates from an external locus of control. The world s external operations impact may change my life, change my world negative. The other is what we call somebody who operates from an internal locus of control. They are somebody who believes they can have an impact in the world. The first group; the ones who think the world happened to them, generally speaking, make excuses and the second group, who believes they can impact the world, generally, make things happen.

    So, you have to make sure that you are one of the ones who sees yourself as having a opportunity to make things happen. You only do that one way and one way only that is to write consistently goals that you are trying to meet in your life and in your career and then the second thing you need to do is to be grateful for the outcomes that you get from pursuing those goals. Gratitude and a trained mind will bring you a positive attitude and give you a winning career.