How can I buy affordable gifts for my bridal party?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Christina Taylor discusses how to prepare for your big day, including how to buy affordable gifts for your bridal party.

    Host: How can I buy an affordable gifts for my bridal party?

    Christiana Taylor: That's actually something that I specialize in. I love to come up with new creative ways to give your bridal party a thank you from yourself, from your significant other at the end of the wedding. So the nice part about that is if you obviously know the folks that are putting your wedding very well. So if you think about the things that they like you can probably come up with something that's cost effective, that will give them a nice thank you and a nice gift for all the help that they provided you at the wedding. A lot of times something that's either hand done whether you do an album that you think that they would like to fill with pictures whether you take them on an excursion, something that is outside of the wedding and it is a thank you event, something that's not going to cost you a lot of money. I have also seen everything from that up and up to where bride will take her entire party to spa for a spa bath. A lot of times even though that can be a costly event if you have a certain amount of people you can save at the spa. A lot of times they will offer a girls night or a ladies night where they will give a certain discount based on the number of people you have. So there are some cost effective ways to do that. I think the least favored thing that I find is when you buy a standard gift that you could find on the Internet where you have their initials engraved on it and it is something that they are never going to use. So don't waste your money on those things. Find something that they are really going to like and they really going to remember even if it's just an excursion with you afterwards.