How can I find the cheapest gas?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fuel economy expert David Rizzo discusses how to find the cheapest gas.

    Host: How can I find the cheapest gas?

    David Rizzo:For one thing there are some rules of thumbs when you are looking for cheap gas. Never get off a freeway and stop at the first station because those gas stations know they have a captive audience and they are going to sock it to you. Some times you are better off going to a mile into town or off the beaten track. By the same token gas stations in ritzy areas and expensive property areas, they have higher prices because part of the price of the gasoline is the cost of rent for that station they bill that into the price. So in a poor neighborhood the gas tends to be a little cheaper. If you want you can also visit some websites that are specifically designed to point out gas station that have the lowest price in your neighborhood. One of them is gasbuddy.

    com, just type in your zip code and it comes back with the cheapest price and this is through other viewers who report in and tell you, on this day this gas station has the best price. You can't go wrong.