How can I implement my new listening skills?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Communications expert Sean McArdle discusses the importance of becoming an effective listener including how to implement your new listening skills.

    Host: How can I implement my new listening skills?

    Sean McArdle: Implementing new listening skills is like anything else. I can remember friends since I wanted to get to be better at golf. Well, I had only developed a 30 handicap with my own set of skills. So, I took lessons then I practiced in between lessons, then I would go back and show the teacher what I had learned. I would suggest that you do this the same way.

    You practice these skill sets and then you go back and critic yourself at the end of the day and say, Did I learn more by listening today? Of course, only you will know the answer to that, but one of the things I know for sure is that if you involve yourself in the incremental practice of these ten basic listening skills, you will be putting in yourself in a position to do things that you have never done before in terms of comprehension of what goes on around you and understanding the meaning of what people have in mind for you.

    So, to implement them, practice them, then go back and critic because critic tells you whether you are in fact, getting more value from your communications or not. If you are not, go back to step one and start to tune in, go back to step two and start to determine your role and do that until your critique says, You know what, I am a more effective listener today.