How can I improve my voice inflection and gestures?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Communications expert Sean McArdle discusses how to speak in public including how to improve your voice inflection and gestures.

    Host: How can I improve my voice inflection and gestures?

    Sean McArdle: Voice inflection and gestures should be rehearsed in advance, hardly enough, we will listen to the people who speaks most slowly. Not the ones who speaks most loudly. The gestures themselves should come as a sincere form of expressing the emotion behind your words. Years ago, I had to buy a book, How to speak to a large audience . My wife came home and found me rehearsing in front of the mirror. She said, Honey, what are you doing? I said, I have my first 5000 person audience tomorrow and I am practicing my sincerity. She said, Well they should know you are sincere I said, Yes, but with this they will know it for sure and the way that you do it is you learn something about the topics there are books on it. But for example, one of the things you can do is that if you are able to move, move a few feet at a time and stop for at least a minute, look over the audience at a 45 degree angle, then change places on an ellipsis and look in the other direction at a 45 degree angle. Always looking over the head of the person at the very end of the line you are looking on.

    That way, whether you have 15 or 15000 people, everybody on that line will think you are speaking to them specifically.