How can I keep my food costs low?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams provides some tips on how to keep your food costs down at your reception.

    Host: How can I keep my food cost low?

    Kay Williams: When you are hiring a vendor reception hall or a ballroom anywhere that you are going to have your reception at you need to know if that place has a caterer or that package or your reception hall comes with a caterer. Also, with the cake designer, not a caterer who does cakes, a cake designer, a baker who actually does the cakes for you. That will save you a lot of cost because it will be in a package, it will be in one package. If you have or you are getting married at a mansion which does not allow cooking or whatsoever because usually, they are old, they need to know if the person you hire is going to do the cake, do the -- all of the foods, do the drinks. You need to know what that caterer is all about. That's how you cut on in costs. Don't get caterer for the cake, a caterer for the food, caterer for the drinks. No, get one caterer that's going to specialize in different departments and actually can give you referrals saying this is what I do. You need to know what your game is about. That's how you save the cost. When you hire one caterer and you work with them the entire time. You taste their foods. You taste their food, not at one occasion, you actually can go at old places where people who are caterers and they have open nights when you come and taste their food and they would actually decorate the table and everything, sit down and taste the food. Come in there, taste it more than once. Ask them how they will serve. How they are going to get in here. You would need to know all the talk about that caterer, everything, that's how you save costs because it would allow you not to pay this person for this thing that person for that thing. You can have one cost, one caterer and that's how you save money when it comes to food even in the reception halls.