How can I keep my young guests happy at the reception?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams provides tips on keeping younger guests entertained at your wedding.

    Host: How can I keep my young guests happy at the reception?

    Kay William: If you are going to have guests and they have children and you know baby sitting costs a lot of money not only that it is the family that usually that has the kids most likely you need to make sure you have a wedding reception site that's going to have extra room for children.

    You may have to pay extra for it, but hey, most hotels like the Marriott's or even the Holiday Inn or any hotel, they usually have small rooms of the larger rooms. You can rent those rooms, a couple of hundred dollars more. Hire a baby sitter, maybe somebody in your family tell them hey you are an usher, but when you get done ushering you are going to now watch these kids over here.

    You need to watch the children, have someone who is an adult watching the kids. Two or three people who are there at one time let them know the area, have their own food, give them hotdogs, give them chips, chicken nuggets, maccaroni cheese because these are your guests, they are still guests, they are parents of your guests. That way, parents can enjoy their time. They are not by their children all time.

    You know the worst thing when you are taking a picture and child runs through the floor and gets hurt or you are sitting up there at the reception table and you are serving the food and they stick their hand in something and you got a picture of that.

    There is nothing wrong with that, they are just children they are going to do that but make sure that they have their own spots maybe a place in a room where they have a DVD player and they have a big screen TV there or a little TV there whatever put a tape in for them. That two-and-a-half hours maybe with popcorn, maybe with some drinks, some chips no candy though - you do not want them to go home wired but you definitely want to have a separate place for the children or don't invite them.

    If you are not going to make the parents happy and the children happy make it known on the invitation. There is no accommodation for children, please be aware of this, this is the invitation, when you send out your reminder notes the same thing. Reminder, there is no accommodation for children. If you are not going to put that down there you need to pay extra money for the room or a spot so they can be separate from their parent. Unless they are over ten, then they qualify, they can sit down for a little while, but if they are under ten, they are not going to sit down for too long.