How can I prepare for salary negotiations?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra discusses how to prepare for salary negotiations.

    Karen James Chopra: Hi, I am Karen Chopra. I am a career counselor in Washington DC and now we are going to talk about how to prepare for a salary negotiation.

    Host: How can I prepare for salary negotiations?

    Karen James Chopra: You can prepare yourself for a salary negotiation first by doing a research on what you think or expect that you are going to be making at the company and so you should be asking people when you are networking and when you are doing your research, "Well, what's the salary that I can expect at this level and for this type of work?

    " You get enough of that data from enough people and you will be able to ballpark what the salary range is. So that's the first piece. Get a sense of what you think the job is going to do. The second piece of preparation is figure out what you need to make, what is your output bottom line? How low can you go before you are starting to eat into savings or starting to have to use credit cards to live on? You should know that number before you walk into a salary negotiation because there maybe some jobs that you simply shouldn't take, they are not paying enough to provide you the living that you need. So that's another piece that you need. The third piece you need and we will talk more about this is you need to be ready to dodge salary questions and to not provide all the information that you have at your disposal to anybody who asks whenever they ask. So you want to start getting ready to not talk about your salary or your salary requirements or your salary history in the course of an interview.