How can I prepare for the GMAT CAT test?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jeff Glazer, co-founder of Griffon Preparation Services, gives tips for preparing for the GMAT CAT test.

    Host: How can I prepare for the GMAT CAT test?

    Jeff Glazer: The best way to prepare for the GMAT CAT is to study from real GMAT questions, GMAC the people who create the GMAT test put out available online or at any number of bookstores official guides that contain retired but previously used questions for the GMAT, so that you know when you are studying from these you are studying real live type questions that are similar to what you will see on your actual GMAT. Currently available is the 11th edition official guide as well as two supplements materials, one is that deals one that deals just with the quantitative section and one that deals just with the verbal section. After you study from these books for a significant amount of time, you can also go to mba.

    com and download two free practice computer exams that use the same algorithm and mimic the real GMAT test to give you an idea of where you are scoring. If you need any other additional material beyond that because in the 11th edition clearly there have been 10 editions before this and they are no longer in print, they are usually available through craigslist or other online auction sites where you can go back and find even questions that are no longer in print for relatively low nominal fee. So, most easily accessible is the 10th edition which although have some questions in common with the current version, it also has a significant number of questions that are no longer in print for you to practice from.