How can I remember my presentation points with minimal notes?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Communications expert Sean McArdle discusses how to speak in public including how to remember presentation points with minimal notes.

    Host: How can remember my presentation points with minimal notes?

    Sean McArdle: The easiest way to remember notes is never to make a written speech if you can avoid it in the first place. Now, I realize that there are times when they are creating a record and you need to write out your speech word for word, but I never suggest anybody deliver a speech that way. I believe that you should have two, three, four maybe major topics to discuss and that they should be put in what we call an acronym form, so that you can remember, what it is you want to talk about.

    I want to talk today about the ability of this company to make credit profits ability, that is A, I want to talk about a better company in the future because we are more profitable, that is B. I want to talk about a corporate culture that creates for everyone here, a willingness to stay for whole career, corporate culture that is C. Now, you have got A, B and C and now you have got three ways to remember the major topics of your speech. If you can use that acronym format and never have more than three or four topics to discuss in a speech, it really creates a picture in your mind.

    I even suggest, that you put it in a circle on a piece of paper, put the title of your speech in the middle and put point number one A, point number two B, point number three C. So, it creates a mental image, that is really actually a form of mind mapping, which I will get you in just a minute.