How can I study for the verbal portion of the GRE?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tutor Bernadette Chimner discusses how to study for the verbal portion of the GRE.

    Host: How can I study for the verbal portion of the GRE?

    Bernadette Chimner: The best way to get started studying for the verbal portion is to go and find a word list and there are word lists are available anywhere, almost everywhere online. You can just Google and find a word list very quickly.

    There are also word lists sold in almost every single book store and your vocabulary is going to play a very huge role in the antonyms, the analogies and the sentence completion. So you want to start learning those words, putting them on flashcards and just getting as many vocabulary words into yourself as you can. Now, it is important not to just focus on the hardest words. If you can find a word list that's in levels, that's even better, because the computer adaptive test will adapt to you. So if you only learn the hardest words, but you stumble on those medium words, all of your learning will be for nothing. You need to get those medium words in solid before you go onto the hard ones.