How can I understand the difference between Christ and God?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jesuit Pastoral Minister Rev. Joe McCloskey explains the difference between Christ and God.

    Host: How can I understand the difference between Christ and God?

    Joseph McCloskey: The difference between Christ and God is perhaps the most profound question that the churches have ever faced because Christ is a 100% man otherwise our redemption doesnt make any sense at all. He is a 100% God, so two natures in one person I would like to eloquent that I will be so theological that I wouldnt know what I was talking about. That is the richness of Christ being a 100% human is that in the humanness of Christ, the best human expression of the mystery of God is spoken. The word has been made such and what makes prayers so fascinating is that we are facing Christ as the eternal word of the father who was one of us, who understands every thing about us, because He lives through it himself. So He is a 100% human and He is a 100% God. He is a very wonderful spiritual statement in flow. It is Philippians Chapter 2, Verses 6-11, where He empties himself out of His goodness, but He doesn't stop being God because He is one person and He is willing to take upon Himself our humanness and the total humanness, everything that you and I go through Him life excepts in belongs to His life story.

    So He is a 100% He dies on the Cross is humanness, God can't die. So we are saved, we call Christ our savior, we call Christ our brother, because He is one of us and yet at the same time in this humanness we are all invited to share. So we are called by our prayer to look at Christ with such an fixed gaze that we really want to become just like Him. But if prayer is really going to be meaningful, it is not going to be looking 2000 years ago, it is going to have looked at Christ 2000 years ago and focus who I am today. So what we are all called to accomplish by our prayer this become an update of Jesus Christ, but because we had taken Christ into our life we are as God like, as Christ was because He is our brother, He calls us into His life. So prayer brings us to a deeper binding relationship with Christ as the deepest meaning of our life.