How can I use time to always accomplish tasks?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Sean McArdle talks about using time to accomplish task.

    Host:How can I use time to always accomplish tasks?

    Sean McArdle: Using time to always accomplish task is not as easy as it sounds, but it all starts with one thing called a to-do list. Years ago, some very organized person came up with the idea that if they were to write down all the things they needed to do and then cross them off as they got them done, well, they would be more effective. Not only do I agree with that, but I have noted in the study of people who are very, very successful that every one of them operates from a to-do list.

    Some people have what we call a rolling list, if they do not get it to today, they move it till tomorrow, but one of the most important things about getting all of your tasks accomplished is to know to what they are and you can not do that in your head, most people can not. So, I always suggest that we make a to-do list of what is important and then we mark each by its level of importance.

    So for instance, if you had 30 things on your to-do list and that might be everything from cleaning your closet to applying for a new job, you would go through and mark them as an A, a B or a C. (A) would be something very important to me, very high on my value lists. (B) would be something I have to get it done and I need to get it done before all the C s on my list, but if I do not get it done today, the world does not end. A (C) is something that you would like to do, like to get around to, it might be dropping of a parachute to have no heels put on, but the fact is that overtime, it is not really all that important. So, basically, you have to start by putting down what is important on to-do list and then valuing each on the ABC method. Then I like to take all the A s and put them in one place, all the B s in another and all the C s in the third place on the piece of paper and then I number them in terms of importance.

    That way, at any given time when the chance to do say may be a C and get it out of the ways available, you look at what the C s are and you pick the one that is the most important, get it done, cross it off. That is how we get to task accomplishment. That is how we build a successful life overtime.