How can you learn the issues you have to talk about in a campaign?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Political and public affairs analyst Ron Faucheux gives advice for people running for elected office, including how to figure out what issues you need to talk about in your campaign.

    Host: How can you learn the issues, you have to talk about in a campaign?

    Ron Faucheux: When you run for office it's not enough just to have opinions on issues. You have to have real knowledge about issues; you have to know something about how the economy works, the tax system works, about how the public education works, about the criminal justice system, about the transportation systems, about foreign policy if you are running for federal office or defense policy. You need to know important things and real things, so you can talk about these issues and out of that knowledge often times comes intelligent positions on these issues. There are lot of sources of research for that. There are organizations at the national level the state and local level that do objective research analysis on different issues, you can certainly benefit from that. There is a whole series of advocacy groups that have positions on issues that you may agree with and you can look at that background and research to get some benefit from it. You can also go to the people in Government themselves and ask them if you are running for the State Legislature and you are trying to develop a position on transportation, then go talk to the people at your local transportation department or if you are trying to develop a position on economic development, go talk to local people on economic development; listen, listen try to get the information, get a variety of people's opinions and also get the data, the facts, the statistics that are necessary and also go to the voters and see what voters think about this and often times, they are just a wealth of information in any constituency on issues if the candidate will spend the time and the effort to reach out, get that information and to listen.