How can you protect your eyes if you have diabetes?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Diabetes expert Kathy Reily explains how you can protect your eyes if you have diabetes.

    Host: How can you protect your eyes?

    Kathy Reily: It is important to have a yearly eye exam done by an ophthalmologist in order to help protect your eyes and the reason is that there are usually, no or very few symptoms for eye damage and the only way that you can really tell what's going on is to have a dilated eye exam. It is recommended that it be done by an ophthalmologist, an MD who has more experience with eye disease and it is a dilated exam, they can look directly through the pupil to see how the blood vessels are, if they are looking healthy or if they are not.

    You can also help to control your blood pressure. Blood pressure control is important for the tiny vessels behind the eye and so probably, just having the regular eye exams, not missing your appointments is the best way to help protect your eyes.