How can you see these images in prayer?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jesuit Pastoral Minister Rev. Joe McCloskey explains how we can see images when we pray.

    Host: How can you see these images in prayer?

    Joseph McCloskey:I can see them with my eyes wide open. It's kind of like I am looking at my memory of my mom. She died in 1885, but I am also looking at the image of my dad, who died in 1971 and I can see them, I can see those images without having to create the healthy appearance. It's something that I will call a family memory, but we also have a church memory and the richness of the memory of Christ or Mary or the saints, whatever, has lived on in the church and is passed on has a family memory. So, why shouldn't someone be able to see Mary or to see Christ. How do you know when it's your imagination or not, it's by its fruits that any gracious man is measured and if I am finding myself willing to put myself out to go work long hours or do things that can feel the joy of my heart.

    I know I am gifted by something that's more than anything I could for myself because really -- you remember that a husband and wife who arrived in heaven to play golf and by the third day of golf it was just wonderful the husband turned to the wife and he was mad at her, he was possibly mad at heaven, the wife said to him, how come you're so mad at me, what did I do? He said, if you hadn't given me that dumb houseful we could have been here ten years sooner. What do I really believe about heaven and what do I really believe about the moments of prayer, here on earth.