How Caregivers Can Handle Holiday Stress

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care provides the top tips for dealing with holiday stress as a caregiver.

    Mary Alexander: Hi! I'm Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care, and today I'm talking about ways that caregivers can beat holiday stress.

    Diane K. Hendricks a social worker for the Home Instead center for successful aging suggest that caregivers and their families be as flexible as possible and always try to plan ahead.

    For example, long before the season arrives start making a list of who can do what and when, so that no one is overwhelmed with work. Also ask yourselves what traditions are most important to continue and what can readapt or let go.

    Clearly communicating your needs is another way to avoid stress. Difficult family dynamics can take center stage during the holidays. Communicating is the best way to help, smooth out problems and avert new ones.

    Making time so that you can enjoy your personal traditions is an important way to keep stress at bay. Be sure to take time to enjoy the activities and events started by you, your significant other and children.

    And lastly, be sure to take care of yourself. You hear it every year, don't over eat during the holidays and keep exercising. But we all know that's easier said than done. Do try to make a concerted effort to schedule exercise and keep healthy snacks at hand to help avoid sugary holiday treats. And certainly, if someone wants to help say, yes.