How competitive is the book publishing industry?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Publisher James Frey discusses how to get a book published.

    Jim Frey: Hi! I am Jim Frey. I am the owner of American Literary Press and I am going to talk to you about how to publish your book.

    Host: How competitive is the book publishing industry? Jim Frey: The book publishing business is very competitive. Industry figures indicate that 3500 plus books a week are published in the United States alone; and if you think of that that's a massive number over a year. Book publishing is also more competitive when you include some of the e-books that may be obtained online. For authors, 30,000 manuscripts, meaning that manuscript of your book, similar manuscripts are sent to publishing houses in New York every week, 38,000 of them. We sometimes tell people that we were not sure if there are more writers then there are readers in the United States. So from a publishing perspective, there is some big number of books that are published and there are thousands of manuscripts that are in trans and back and forth between publishers and authors everyday. In terms of the bookselling business, you see the changes in bookstores probably during your lifetime where there a lot of smaller independent book stores and very few large ones. Today, you can go into any major shopping mall and probably find two or three mega bookstores and not see as many independent bookstores in your town or city where you live.