How do I answer questions about salary?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional counselor Karen Chopra provides tips on deflecting pointed questions about salary.

    Host: How do I answer questions about salary?

    Karen Chopra: Questions about what you make now or about salary history are questions that should be answered with not a number, but with an explanation. What they are looking for is a number, so that they can determine whether you are too expensive or indeed too experienced for the position that they have got, and that's not a game you particularly want to play. So, what you are looking to do is to say, you know salaries what I make is personal, and I don't give that out to anybody, but if you are asking about whether what this job pays is going to be adequate for me, let me assure you that based on my research, I am not anticipating any difficulties with salary.

    Then here is the tricky part, make sure that you don't just stop after saying, I am sure it will all work out, then go on and say, now tell me something else about the company, so that they have to answer a question for you and that they don't get wrapped up in, no, no really I need to know what your salary requirements are.

    So move them off of the salary question. After you have said, that's personal I don't want to talk about it, but I am sure it will fine. Now tell me little bit about what your expectations are for the coming three months for this organization? They'll spend their time answering that and hopefully they won't come back to salary too soon.

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