How do I choose my reception site?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams offers some advice on how to select the right site for your wedding reception.

    Host: How do I choose my reception site?

    Kay Williams: You choose again, you have to choose it through referrals. You need to know if the person has been there before that you are actually asking about. For example, you may get listings, but when you look at the list, you don't know the person personally, you have to be calling around. Can I come and see it again? What is the price limit? What's your budget? If budget is the issue, if you have a certain budget then you have to stick to that budget, and if you need to go out there in the reception hall, you need to ask them, I need to come and see it. This is the range I have, the number of guests you have. You have to go by them and get what you want. You can't have a reception hall where you have only 650 and you have 700 guests. You have to find some hall that is going to have enough room for your guests. Enough room that everyone can be warm, feel warm, and does not crowd it. Rule number two, does it have a caterer. Do dcor come with it? What comes with it? Do you have packages? So you have to have a reception hall, and look for a reception hall that's going to give you things that is going to be available for you at that time, not just because people are giving you that referral, you have to detail look, detail ask questions, sit down and make notes, and determine that way.