How do I create a romantic atmosphere?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses how to make Valentine’s Day special and romantic for your significant other including how to create a romantic atmosphere.

    Host: How do I create a romantic atmosphere?

    Gloria McDonald: When we think of a romantic atmosphere, we tend to think of candlelights and romantic music and those types of things; but there are other ways you can create a romantic atmosphere. Those things are good and you know there is the thing of rose petals, strewn on the floor and things like that. All those things are wonderful if and only if that is what your partner will truly see as romantic; but there are other ways to do it. So let us say for example, you make sure, you get home from work before your significant other and you have his or her favorite pair of sweats and slippers out or something like that to just show that you want things a bit cozy and comfortable because being cozy can be romantic also or maybe you make special arrangements so that the kids are already in bed and you can sit around and have popcorn and beer together. It does not have to be champagne and strawberries; maybe for you it is popcorn and beer. It is just doing something different, but it is still time for you, time for the two of you to be together or maybe you go out and do something that you did when you were in high school.

    Go out to your favorite hamburger joint from when you were kids or something like that. Again, that might not be the traditional version of romance, but if it takes you back to a special time or maybe you have a letter that you wrote to your significant other or that your significant other wrote to you from when you first met and tape record that or something and have it playing, all kinds of different things that do not have to be candle, dim lights and romantic music. Have fun with it and do something that is personal, that is unique to you and your partner.