How do I dispute fraudulent accounts?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Consumer education expert Linda Sherry discusses how to dispute fraudulent accounts, and what to do when you find out.

    Host: How do I dispute fraudulent accounts?

    Linda Sherry: When you are victim of identity theft, then you'll be very likely to find out that fraudulent accounts have been opened in your name. So if you learn about these -- and one of the ways many people learn about these is, say, a Bill Collector, we call or they see them on their credit report.

    When you learn about these, contact the original company that has places on your credit report or the collector that is calling you and tell them that you are a victim of identity theft. Provide them with the copy of your fraud affidavit and your police report and keep copies of everything. When you are victim of ID theft, it's very, very important to keep notes, a file or folder; keep copies of all correspondence; sent all correspondence by registered mail and really you may have to fight a bit to prove that you are innocent, but all those steps you take will lead, some date you will be able to prove this.