How do I end a relationship after the third date?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Gloria MacDonald offers advice on how to successfully end a relationship after the third date.

    Gloria MacDonald

    Gloria MacDonald is the founder and President of Perfect Partners, The Personal Relationship Executive Search Firm, a highly successful, personalized matchmaking service. Gloria has interviewed hundreds and hundreds of single men and women and has introduced over 1500 couples. She is an expert in the field of dating and relationships, having appeared on a variety of TV and radio shows. She’s the co-author of the highly acclaimed book Laws of the Jungle: Dating for Women Over 40. She believes, and has seen through her work, that there is a perfect partner for anyone of us who truly desires to find that relationship, believes they can have it, and are willing to accept it. Gloria is an engaging and dynamic speaker and trainer who changes lives. Testimonials from people who have attended Gloria’s seminars: “Gloria uses her exceptional knowledge of real world dating and her unique and exciting style to inspire women to not give up. Truly a wonderful presenter. I would highly recommend anything she does now and in the future.” “This is the information single women and men have been waiting for.” “A truly engaging seminar. You are obviously an expert on the topic. Your knowledge, compassion, sensitivity and forthrightness was spiced with humour to create a clean and practical approach to relationship success.” “Attending your seminar has truly been an inspiration. YOU ARE AN AMAZING TRAINER!”

    Host: How do I end a relationship after the third date?

    Gloria MacDonald: If you have been out with someone three or four times and you have really started to get to know them a little bit more or more than just once or twice and you are at a point when you are deciding that this is going to go any further, at this point, you really need to speak to the person on the phone at least. Don't just send an e-mail or leave a voice mail message. Speak to them on the phone or in person. I can understand that it is difficult to do in person, so at least give them a phone call and again, say, It has been great to get to know you over these past three or four meetings and compliment them on something. You are a fascinating, interesting person. You have had, gosh, great travel experiences. It was so interesting to hear about all the places you have been or You have had a fascinating life, something.

    So be positive, but then again, be honest and say, The more I have thought about it and as I have got to know you, I really respect you as a person. I think you have got a lot of great qualities, but I just don't feel that we really have enough in common to form a long-term relationship. So I wish you all the very best and thank you very much for the time we spent together. But don't just do it in an e-mail or a voice mail message. Speak to them on the phone or in person. Speaker: If you tell this person you don't want to see them again or you yourself are rejected, how do you deal with that?

    Gloria MacDonald: Rejection is never easy for anyone. None of us likes to be rejected, but the fact of the matter is, if you look at it, isn't it really better to know now rather than six or ten months down the road? So again, be positive about it. Don't be mad and upset at the other person. Just say, Okay, that's fine. I can appreciate the fact that the other person didn't feel we had enough in common, or The other person didn't feel the attraction that maybe I felt.

    So you really have to respect the other person's point of view and respect and honor yourself. Know that you are good enough to find somebody else. If this isn't the right person for you, you don't want this person anyway. So honor the other person, respect their point of view and honor yourself and know that this isn't the end of the world. There are lots more people out there and you absolutely will find the right one. Don't get involved in arguing about whether or not you should or shouldn't extend this. Just be polite, be gracious, wish the other person all the best and be sincere about it and know that this is great. It just means there is another person that is crossed off your list and you can go on, move ahead to find that great person for you.