How do I figure out my highest SAT score?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Rheinauer, Associate Director of Educational Connections, shows how to total your highest combined SAT score.

    Host: How do I figure out my highest SAT score?

    Laura Rheinauer: Sure okay, let's take a look at this chart. When we are trying to figure out the Highest Combined Score, colleges or Universities are going to look at all the dates that you took the test. For instance, let's say you took it in March and in math you got 620. You took it again in October and you went down, you got 600. In writing when you took it in March, your scale score was 580. Again, in October you went down and not so good there, but in critical reading, look at this jump you made, March - 600, October - 640. The good news is that your colleges and Universities are going to take the Highest Combined Score. So they are going to look here. Math highest 600, writing 580, critical reading highest score 640, these three score are going to get added together to get your Highest Combined Score of an 1840. Good job and that's the score that most colleges and Universities will use when they look at your application