How do I fill my prospect pipeline without coldcalling?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Communications expert Sean McArdle discusses how to become a better salesperson including how to fill your prospect pipeline without cold calling.

    Host: How do I fill my prospect pipeline without Cold Calling?

    Sean McArdle: Good question, today more than ever, we do not have to make cold calls. What we really have to do is make what I like to call warm-calls. Now, how do we do that? Well, we determine who our market is by who we earn our profits from today. I was getting executives in companies to look at who they are most profitable and their largest volume customers are the ones we call most valuable and then I ask them these questions. If you could have more of these, would this be a good thing? If you could have more large volume customers like this, would that be a good thing? If we could get them for you, what would that be worth? Now today, we have at the tip of our fingers, virtually, 47 fields of data or more, about more than 14 million businesses at simple touch of the fingers on the internet. So, that is how we fill our prospect pipeline with people who are warm.

    The other thing I like to do is I like to get the company s marketing and salespeople to work together, so that before a salesperson actually makes a call on a prospect, we have already sent them two or three pieces of information about our company and warmed them up by saying, Here is who we are, here is what we do and here is why that might be of value to you.