How do I find out about suitable salaries?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Louise Kursmark explains how to find out about suitable salaries in your field.

    Host: How do I find out about suitable salaries?

    Guest: I mentioned that you need to say something like my research shows. Now, you can t say that unless you have done your research. So, before you start looking for a position, do some research into salary. There are good web sites you can do salary comparisons. If you belong to a professional association they tend to do salary surveys overtime, you can pull your peers, and you can look at company bands of salary. So, that you have a good idea of the specific salary ranges that are going to be appropriate for you in your profession, at your level and your industry. You can t based your request on what you think you deserve, what you want to make, what your expenses need, you needed to cover your expenses anything like that.

    It has to be on value, it has to be on your research, and industry standards. Plus you need to think about what is your value to the company, If they are hiring you to solve the significant problem that is going to save them a large sum of money or earn them a large amount of revenue. If you solve the problem, you have enormous value to the company and you can negotiate a higher amount because of that value. But, you are basing it on value and not simply on what you made before or what l you think you deserve. So, do your homework, be prepared and be comfortable with the different figures that you are talking about.