How do I find out what a job pays?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional counselor Karen Chopra explains how to find out the salary for a job.

    Karen Chopra: Hi! I am Karen Chopra, I am a Career Counselor in Washington, DC. and now we're going to talk about how to handle the questions about salary in an interview.

    Host: How do I find out what a job pays?

    Karen Chopra: There are couple of ways that you can find out. The most important way is to ask people who are in the field. The way to do this is to interview people who are in the company or in the field and just say, what's the salary range for a position like this? And most of the time they'll say, ah, I don't know. Just give me a ballpark, and I'll give you a range based on what they make, what they know other people make, what they seem jobs posted at.

    If you ask that question of enough people overtime, you'll get a pretty close to six on the range. Toss out the really high numbers, toss out the really low numbers, and you've got a range for the position and it's probably pretty accurate.

    You may also find it from job posting, some jobs do list the salary and so you can do some website research and just see what jobs at that level are paying. There are salary surveys available but normally you have to pay for salary surveys then I don't really advise clients to do that. If you just do little bit of networking and asking a question you can get information.

    The final place to look for salary information, if you happen to be looking at a non-profit is to dig up their 990 on the Internet. The 990 is their tax return, and non-profits must file this publicly, and make it publicly available, and on their, they will list the top five salaries within the organization. That will help you see -- even if your job isn't at that level, it will help you see what the top people in organization are making, and can help you figure out approximately where you are likely to fall.

    For example, if the executive director makes 90,000, chances are quite good that your job isn't going to pay 90,000 within that organization. So these are all some ways to research salary.

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