How do I get a liquor license?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams explains how to obtain a license for serving liquor at your reception.

    Announcer: How do I get a Liquor License?

    Kay Williams: When you go to apply for Liquor License you have to go through the State. It is like applying for a Business License. You need to go down there and you need to apply. You need to have an application process. For like to the State of Maryland or D.

    C. you go to the Licensing Board and you have to know where is that, because usually it is in the Delta area bay like for example Baltimore. You need to go to Downtown Baltimore and get the license. You go online. You find out where. You need to know how much money it costs? You can do all that before you even go down there.

    Directions: how much it costs, who has to be involved? Can you get your own license? What's your business? What you're selling? Is it going to be wine? Don't do wine, in dark liquor and hard liquor, light liquor and egg liquor. You have to know all these things. They're going to want to know what you are going to be serving overall. But a Liquor License usually entitles you to serve any liquor you like. So you need to go to Licensing Board and have to register it, register your business, for one, as you register. Number two, you have to make sure that you actually are applying for a Liquor License and don't go out and buy liquor before you get the license in the mail.

    You could have -- I always tell people they always get a license and they start doing business, but don't do that. First let your license come to you and you have it in your hand because you have to hang that license on the wall. It has to be seen there. Well, let's say the inspectioneer come there and you don't have the license on the wall and you are selling liquor. You get fined.

    So you have to go to the city and going down there to the License Board and apply for a license and you have to get it in hand, and you have to make sure you have it. And yes, is it wrong for people to ask you, you have a Liquor License. No, if you are going to hire someone for the reception, you need to ask them, "By the way, do you guys allow alcohol in here? By the way caterer are you allowed to sell that alcohol?

    " You know you need to know.

    Usually people hire a caterer who actually knows someone who sells liquor. That's fine, but are they all licensed to do so? Was liquor in the back? Can liquor be held here? Go back to Church again. Most Churches don't allow liquor in there. You really need to have a license to do all these things; you need to be all points. You never know who happened to come by and complain or something happens. Well, also if you are going to have your reception inside any parking planting, do know you cannot have alcohol in most parking plans across the United States. So when people sneak liquor in there but don't do it because it not allowed usually in parking planning which is under the government, and which is under the State or local government.

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