How do I get accommodations for the SAT?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Rheinauer, Associate Director of Educational Connections, explains the process for securing special accommodations for taking the SAT.

    Host: How do I get accommodations for the SAT?

    Laura Rheinauer: To get accommodations for the SAT you first and foremost need to have a specific diagnosed disability. That disability has to have functional limitations on your academic achievement and the learning. Once you have got that and all the proper documentation from professionals, you can go ahead and fill out student eligibility request for accommodations. This is not a registration for the SAT. This is just a request for accommodations and to see if you are even eligible. You can find it here on www.


    com. You are going to need to fill it out and you are also going to have to have the school fill it out. After everyone has filled out their appropriate portions, send it over to College Board. It takes about 5-7 weeks for them to approve or deny. So you really want to make sure that you filled out this form with plenty of leeway time before you have to even register for the test. After about 5-7 weeks you will get a card in the mail that says you have been approved and specifically what accommodations you have been approved for, extended time or recording your answers in the book, whatever it might have been. It's going to help you out, even at playing field and you will get a student eligibility number. You are going to use that number then when you register for the SAT. So go ahead, fill out the registration sheet, get your registration ticket, show up on test day, your accommodations will be there; waiting.