How do I handle a lunch or coffee interview?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra offers tips on how to have a successful lunch or coffee interview.

    How do I handle a lunch or a coffee interview?

    Karen Chopra: Many recruiters will prefer to meet you over a cup of coffee in a hotel lobby or perhaps over lunch and some employers, so will invite you out for lunch.

    So the first rule here is dress as that you are going to an interview and the second rule here is never order alcohol, they can order alcohol and just say, no, right now, I would like focus, order something light to eat. Make sure that it's easy to eat.

    So the rule of thumb here is to order salads, to order soups, what you are looking for is something that you can control, something that you cut into small bites and then you can ferry the food to your mouth quickly, chew it discreetly and then be ready to answer a question.

    It is normal for them to pick the tab. So you shouldn't sort of sit back and relaxing with them, pickup the tab for the coffee or for the lunch, and it's normal to let them decide, when they are going to start the interview, they will often want to do some chit-chatting and getting to know you ahead of time.

    So let them decide, when it is they are going to actually start the interview part of the lunch or the coffee meeting.

    The last thing that I would say about lunches and coffees is everyone is in motion right before the interview and logistical problems happen, sometimes you end up in the wrong part of the hotel waiting for the recruiter.

    So make sure you have cell phone numbers and then they have your cell phone number so that you avoid any last minute problems.