How do I handle a video interview?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra provides suggestions on how to have a successful video interview.

    Host: How do I handle a video interview?

    Karen Chopra: Video interviews are becoming more and more common. The first thing to do is to be ready for technical glitches, because no matter how good the technology is something is always going to go wrong, there will be video but no audio, there will be audio but no video. So bring your patience along and be ready for sort of multiple fault starts.

    The other thing is to make sure that you have lots of contact information for the person on the other end. As well as contact information for the technical people who are going to be helping you setup the video conferencing. Just in case there is any problems or confusion on the data, because that is often something that happen. Then when you sit down in front of the screen, take a deep breath and try to be as relaxed as you possibly can be. There is often sort of an awkwardness that happens when you are talking by a video and there is sometimes a little bit of a delay as the information goes back and forth.

    So make sure you have a good listening face because even though they are not there in the room with you, they are going to be able to see what you are looking like as the interview is going on. So stay alert and don't take your focus off for a second. Even though the people aren't in the room with you.