How do I personalize a weight gain program?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Taras Raggio offers tips on how to build a personal weight gain program.

    Taras Raggio: Hi! My name is Taras Raggio; I am the Managing Principle and Director of Taras Techniques LLC. Today we are discussing ways on how to healthily gain weight. Our next topic is how to establish a weight gain program. Host: How do I personalize a weight gain program?

    Taras Raggio: First you must seek the help and guidance of a qualified healthcare professional and thats just first before starting any weight gain program, second you establish a specific and measurable goals, goals that you can track during your weight gain program and third develop a healthy eating plan, incorporate some of the key nutrients as we discussed earlier in healthy food choices and then remember when you are establishing your weight gain program that success will not happen overnight, you must be persistent and also patient.