How do I pick a setting to compliment the center stone?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Diamond expert Ronnie Mervis discusses how to buy an engagement ring, including how to pick a setting to compliment the center stone.

    Ronnie Mervis

    Ronnie Mervis is co-owner of Mervis Diamond Importers - the leading diamond dealer in the Washington area for the past 30 years. Voted the "Best Place to Buy a Diamond” in the Readers' Choice BEST BETS contest and selected in 2006 for having the best wedding rings in W*USA9’s A-List Top 100 of Washington, DC’s Best Local Businesses, Mervis Diamond Importers is known for supplying their outstanding diamonds to tens of thousands of happy clients each year. With a direct link to the diamond-producing centers of South Africa, Mervis offers wholesale pricing, guaranteeing their customers great value while their commitment to customer service ensures an enjoyable buying experience. Mervis Diamond Importers offers three marvelous showrooms in Tysons Corner, Virginia, downtown Washington, DC and Chevy Chase, Maryland. Coming soon will be a fourth showroom located in Rockville, Maryland. Ronnie handles the company's marketing and public relations on a very active and personal basis. His familiar accent is heard daily on over thirty radio stations, stretching from Baltimore to Richmond.

    Speaker: How do I pick a setting to compliment the center stone?

    Ronnie Mervis: Well, the center stone is a most important part of it. Shape is an important issue and it s something that we should take into account in determining what matches the center. If typically it s going to be what is known today as a Three-Stone Ring or also known as past, present, and future or yesterday, today, and tomorrow. You need to match the shape of the side stones to the center. So, if the center is an oval you would have two ovals on the sides. If the center is a round, you would have two rounds on the side, and so it goes through all the shapes, but you don t have to do that all the time because not every ring is a so-called Three-Stone Ring.

    Once again, I just go with anything that pleases you and if you are not the expert and most of our clients are not, then don t try and become one. Go to a reputable jeweler, go to somebody who has a big selection, who have people on hand, who do this for a living like our professionals, and they will advise you, they will help you make the selection, and even if you let you do it in your own, they will certainly guide you and say, no, no don t do that; that is wrong. This shape ring, the shape of diamond does not look in that setting, and they will guide you in the right direction.