How do I practice mental prayer?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jesuit Pastoral Minister Rev. Joe McCloskey explains how to practice mental prayer.

    Host: How do I practice mental prayer?

    Joseph McCloskey: If you look at Isaiah, Chapter 61, good news is preached to the poor, this is proclaimed to the captives, this is acceptable, You are the Lord. Gentile prayer is I just think about it. He came back to his hometown, he opens a scroll of Isaiah the Chapter 61 and he says, this scripture is to be filled in your hearing. And then he went on to speak in ways that they ask the question. How can this carpenter, can speak this way? Where did you learn all this? He says men and women they grew up with him, he didn't go to any special school, he didn't have any advantages in life. He worked hard when his dad, his father died, he was a good carpenter he was the carpenter of Nazareth and many people's minds and what is he doing to preach in this way.

    And I can start thinking about within his mental, his inside of myself is that something that I am saying out loud. I am looking at how Christ got His disciple and I am looking at Peter or I am looking at what Christ is saying, and he said when he first came back to Nazareth, and spoke to the crowd. He said it when he was at the -- right now I think he probably said, the equivalent of that when he was giving the Sermon on the Mounts. Matthew, Chapter 5 has this beautiful beatitudes that really express the mind and the heart of Christ in a very special way. And at least one or two of those beatitudes are probably word for word what Christ said because this is how the poorer the spirit that the king of the heaven shall be theirs. Now, it is mental prayer when I have certainly got my one mind or whatever it is going to be and I am just simply thinking about it.