How do I practice silent prayer?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jesuit Pastoral Minister Rev. Joe McCloskey explains how to practice silent prayer.

    Host: How do I practice silent prayer?

    Joseph McCloskey: How do I do the prayer of silence is as far as I am concerned, where I am the best typical you will ever meet, because I am not sure that I am capable of being silent, but the prayer of silence is really when I am with somebody that I know so well, that I am just glad to be with them. I can't create that state of my soul, my mind, I am a hyperactive that's why I like to talk with my hands up. I always have to be different something and the prayer of silence is suddenly being drawn into a tranquility of peace, this is so deep and so wonderful than in the sense you can't move. It's a willingness to be with somebody whose love for you is so awfully expressed that you are wordless. I don't know what that event would be in my life so that had me silent.

    There is a mountain climber and I was on top of a volcano, celebrating mass at 50 degrees below zero. If you can imagine a cold that 18,000 feet glacier can give you and you at the same time how is it,how it's quite like a silence, because it was so beautiful that it was beyond my putting words on it. But it's an experience of God that allows God to soul alive to you, that you are no longer trying to limit Him to a word. Whole of your life was a preparation for that moment. You are quite into something that expresses everything in the smallest of what I would call the hidden life grace. The hidden life being the 30 years that Christ lived, where nobody saw what He was doing. But for me the hidden life grace is the great equalizer, because every human being is hidden from their world.

    I don't even really know myself. So I know that nobody really knows me. So the prayer of silence is really an entering into like and only if you said forever and touching in the moment now, the forever of life.