How do I respond to questions about gaps in my resume?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra advises giving a brief explanation of any missing years in your resume to assuage any concerns your potential employer may have.

    Host: How do I respond to questions about gaps in my resume?

    Karen James Chopra: Employers are going to ask about gaps in the resume because they are trying to find out what was going on in those gaps. They are worried that something serious might have happened. In the worst case, you might have been in jail or you might have been hospitalized and so they are probing around to find out if there is any real problem here and so what you are looking to do is just to provide a story that explains the gaps in your resume in such a way that the employer gets over it. So you may say, "I had an ill parent and I took some time off to look at them.

    " Or "I happen to be in the telecom industry in 1999 and 2000 and that was the period when jobs evaporated pretty quickly so I had a period of time where I worked for six months and was off for three months and then worked for nine months and was off for three months.

    " But then point out to them, "You'll notice in the last several years, I have only had one job and I have been there for three years.

    " So the gaps in the resume question is one where you want to show them I am not worried about these gaps in the resume and you don't have anything to worry about either.