How do I watch for hidden charges when planning a wedding?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Christina Taylor discusses how to prepare for your big day, including how to make sure you aren’t hit with a bunch of hidden charges.

    Host: What is the most inexpensive way to have a dinner reception?

    Christina Taylor: I think the most inexpensive way is depending on the facility of course, is either to do a very simple plated on tray, which sometimes can be a little on the boring side. Chicken on tray is normally of course the least expensive. So, some people won t want to go with something like that. A very inexpensive way also is to do a buffet style reception. So, it s a lot more casual and you can actually have a lot more fun at these kind of events, where people can kind of mill around the room, they have cocktails style table setup, and they can go from station to station. I did a very nice wedding, where they did kind of around the world was the theme and they went from station to station and one place with Italy, one place with China and they had different feasts from those regions at each station, and it s kind of finger food that you fill up on in this reception style, but it was more cost-effective, because the bride and groom could really control their amounts of the food at the buffets and then the folks who were going around to -- the attendees that were going around to the stations were served by the buffet attendants.