How do schools decide what students they accept?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dean of Admissions Andrew Battaile discusses the key things admissions officers are looking at including test scores, grades, the essay, and interview impressions.

    Host: How do schools decide what students they accept?

    Andrew Battaile: For the vast majority of private high schools, it is a very competitive process. Schools will look at all sort of things. They will look at test scores and grades as well as essays and interviews and they will see and will try to measure a) is your son or daughter is qualified to be here and will they do well in this environment? And b) do they look like they want to come? If your child acts like that they dont want to be there that might not be a good sign to a school that they want to be part of that community that they really want to be accepted. So it depends on the effort and on the qualifications as to whether your child would be admitted to a school.