How do we find our personality needs using the Enneagram?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Chris Wright explains how we can find our personality needs using the Enneagram.

    Chris Wright

    Chris Wright is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.  He sees clients in the Washington, D.C. area and has telephone clients from all over the world.  He also has over 35 years of experience as a trainer and workshop leader in human and organizational development across the U.S. and Canada.   Chris was founder and director of the Human Relations Institute in Houston, Texas.  He was also the Director of PAIRS International -- training psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists in couple’s skills programs.     As an innovator in the field, he has developed a unique blend of tools that increase the effectiveness in relationships -- for couples and in the workplace.  He has Masters Degrees from the University of Arizona and Antioch University in Los Angeles.

    Host: Is there a test that will tell me which Enneagram type I am?

    Chris Wright: So, we are looking here at the Enneagram personality system because it is going to reveal force what our core needs are for us in this relationship and so for being able to determine, which type I am. There is no test in the Enneagram there is no teacher of the Enneagram, it is sort of self evident knowledge. Some people have created complex tests on the Internet, but my own personal experience is, is as much as 80% of people take those test that leads them in a wrong direction and so it could actually not find out what type you are. So, I have come up with what I have found to be nine simple statements, each one captures what the essence is of each of the types and I read through these nine statements and you can see which one sounds like it might be you. We will just start with that in the beginning.

    So, select the statement that is fits you the most:I tend to be a person who& Notices details and work hard to have things done right.

    I am giver or supporter in my relationships.

    I am a person who is highly motivated to success.

    I am a person who seems to be different from others. I am more of a creative, emotional type.

    I tend to be thinker, very rational. I also value my space.

    I tend to be person who is very responsible. I am hardworking and dependable and when I read through these different statements, I can try to see myself in most all of them. I am a person who really enjoys life. I tend to be happy, optimistic and relish new and different experiences. I am a person who is confident and direct with people. I value honesty; I don t shirk away from confrontation.

    I tend to be easy going and go with the flow, also avoid conflicts and may tend to procrastinate a little bit.

    So, look and see through those nine and see which one seems like it might most relate to you and I let s just be getting with that. As we go through each of the different types, you can see which one really more fits who you are. There is one other thing to point out here, you are born one of these nine types but you have influences from other types potentially that you could experience needs of these four types in your type as well. They call the wings and the lines . The wings are the number before yours and the after yours, so if you are at 1 the number before would be you 9 and the number after would be you 2. If you are 5, the number before a 4 wing and number after would be you a 6 wing. There is also two lines one has a line it goes to 7 one has a line it goes to 4. So, what you are going to look to see is, you are born one of these types but you could have other needs that are particularly important to you in your personality form either your wings or your lines and so as we go through each of the different types one should have at least to see are there any of qualities or needs from these wings or a line that I also have in my personality.

    So, you are going to end up with a composite of needs that show up in every facet your personality.