How do we know if we are communicating well with our significant other?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran of Say “I Do” Your Way provides tips for communicating well with your partner.

    Host: How do we know if we are communicating well with our significant other?

    Bill Cochran: Obviously, you would know the answer to that, but I am surprised in lot of the pre-marriage counseling, where couples would come in and they will say we have a tremendous strength in communication and I work with them and help them to look deeply into their relationship and I am recognizing that there seem to be some blockages there in the communication. I want to work through that and point it out. They say, Well yeah, we do have a little communication problem there or in that area and we start identifying those.

    What I discovered is if you have tremendous communication skills, we can work through anything, actually you can work through anything. You probably don't need my help and that's the exciting thing about it. Let me just show this one thing in, because I know probably 70% of the couples I meet today, have met online and they are more bold about talking about it today than they were say five or ten years ago. What I have discovered is people that meet online before they ever meet face-to-face have spent a lot of time typing emails, text messages, talking on the telephone and after a few days, weeks or maybe even a couple months of back and forth that way, they agree finally to meet.

    What all of that communication has forced you to do whether you realize or not, is it's forced you to dig down deep into your soul and start talking about who you really are as a person and the values that are really important to you and I am discovering that couples who have met that way, there communication skills seem to be a lot stronger than couples who meet in the old fashioned ordinary ways that we used to meet people.