How do we solve this problem of different priorities?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses her relationship flight school, including how to solve the problem of different priorities.

    Speaker: How do we solve problems of different priorities?

    Gloria Macdonald: We really can't ever expect to change some one else. So we are not going to change a man's priorities nor can the man change a woman's priorities. Again, we are talking about the priority of a woman being naturally having the priority of forming bonds and relationship and a man naturally having the priority of competing and winning. We are not going to change those things.

    So we need to learn to come to grips with that. We need to learn to understand. If a man is not like us, why should we expect them to think like us, act like us, communicate like us. Why do we get frustrated with the men, with our spouse, with our boyfriend? if he doesn't act like our girlfriends, if he can't sit down and listen to us and have a discussion about his feelings, we have to learn that that's just not the way the men are wired and again, this is usually for women because it's usually women that have the higher expectations and are expecting men to be like them. Men are pretty much, pretty easy going and willing to just say, oh well, I don't understand what's going on with her, but I'll let her do her thing. So as women, we really need to learn to understand that they are different and these priorities are not going to change in our lifetimes. Yes, men can start to do work on themselves and things like that, but we should not have those expectations. Realistically, I think, to solve 95% of your relationship problems and deal with the rest, we as women, rather than expecting men to be like us, we really need to look at a man as if he is an alien from another planet and I say that some what jokingly, but really seriously. If we start to really understand that men are not women, they are men, and that's why we want them because they are wonderful, because they are men and if can cherish them for their differences and not try to turn them into a pretful, turn them into something they are not, then your relationships will be so much easier.