How do you choose what florist to meet with?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florist Gerry Rogers discusses how to choose what florist to meet with.

    Host: How do you choose what florist to meet with?

    Gerry Rogers: In most cities there are probably many different florists that you can choose from. So in terms of choosing who you meet with, one of the things that you might do is get recommendations from your other vendors like your site or your photographer. They will have a good advice on, as to whose work they have seen that they like, for the site who has worked with the site and is familiar with it, have done good thing.

    You can get recommendations from things like magazines. There are wedding message boards that you can get recommendations for vendors some as well and then once you have that list, if they have website, that's a good way of pre-screening florists, that you don't spend a lot of time meeting with florist after florist after florist. For example, if you really want a modern style for your wedding, it doesn't make any sense to meet with a florist who only does English gardens.

    So pre-screening is a good way of figuring out, if that florist is the right match style wise. Some florists publicize their pricing on their website, but you can also make a simple phone call to them and find out are they very high end or they more mid range or they are more of a budget florist. This will be really important also because you don't want to waste your time meeting with someone that's going to be way above your budget, that's not a good use of their time or yours.