How do you choose what flowers to use for your wedding?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florist Gerry Rogers discusses how to choose what flowers to use for your wedding.

    Host: How do you choose what flowers to use for your wedding?

    Gerry Rogers: There are many options for flowers for any wedding, but I think the first first rule of thumb is to go with what you love. If you love roses use roses, they come in many different colors, they are available year around, they are really hardy. If you want a modern cool, Cala Lilies, Orchids those are great options. Your florist will be able to guide you as to which flowers to choose, they will also help let you know, which ones are expensive and maybe you want to use sparingly and which ones are really cost effective and you can use in many of the iterative arrangements, things like your table centerpieces and things like that. Different kinds of flowers are better suited for different kinds of arrangements. For example, hydrangea is very likely to wilt out of water and so while they can be used in bouquets, maybe it's something you want to second thoughts about if your plan for the day really involves many hours of photos in advance. The evening of your ceremony you want your bouquets to look fresh and so start with what you love, think about what's realistic, think about what's available at that time of year and your florist will help you with those choices.