How do you eat out and stay healthy as a diabetic?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Diabetes expert Kathy Reily discusses diabetes, including how to eat out healthy.

    Speaker: How do you eat out and stay healthy?

    Kathy Reily: Eating out still is a challenge with diabetes. Some of the main things to think about are that you don't want to go overboard just because you are eating out. One of the biggest problems with eating out is the portion sizes that are served; but remember, we still have a choice about how much we decide to eat at a particular restaurant. Some of the ways that you can manage your sugar with eating out are to eat only half of what is on your plate, you can eat half and ask for a container or a doggy bag to take the other half home. You can split an ontray with a dining companion. You can also order off of the appetizer menu. Some restaurant will even let you order off the child's menu or they'll have an over 55 menu that have reduced portions.