How do you keep from burning out as a parent?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Julie Greenlee offers advice on how to prevent parent burn-out.

    Julie Greenlee

    Julie Greenlee, Certified Love & Logic Instructor.    Julie is currently Program Director at For Children’s Sake Emergency Diagnostic Center, a child placing agency specializing in therapeutic foster care, adoption, and residential treatment.  There she works with the most defiant children. She has received trainings on Childhood Differential Diagnoses, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Autism and Asbergers, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Children and Families with HIV/AIDS, and has become a certified facilitator of Love and Logic which is the philosophy and core that For Children's Sake uses to teach both parents, staff, and community members, on appropriate and effective ways to parent and discipline a normal to extremely defiant child.

    Host: How do you keep from burning out as a parent?

    Julie Greenlee: When you are working with the difficult kids it is extremely hard not to feel stressed out and not to feel burned out. I would say first and foremost you should get a support group. All the parents in the world who had kids tell them know if had kids dig their heels in. We have got kids that cusses out, they try to hit us and assault us, it is important that you have got people that you can rely on.

    One other ways to prevent from burning out is to get a babysitter. We do not want our babysitters to be that fun; who those are going to play games, who those are going to take our kids outside, if we have got difficult kids. We want our babysitter to kind of make that kid s life a little bit miserable while we are away, because we are the parents; we want to be the good guy and we want to be the ones that get to have the fun with the kids.