How do you put together a campaign staff and consultant team when running for office?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Political and public affairs analyst Ron Faucheux gives advice for people running for elected office, including how to put together a campaign staff and consultant team.

    Host: How do you put together a campaign staff and consultant team?

    Ron Faucheux: Well political candidates have to put together a good campaign staff and the campaign staff means the fulltime people and in fact who will be working in the campaign like a campaign manager or campaign political director, communications director, a campaign fundraising team, field directors, people who run the campaign, headquarters, people who do the scheduling and it's a matter of trying to get people who have prior experience in that if you can find them and who have good track records in political campaigns.

    If you can't find people with prior experience, then you have to look for people with the right talents and skills and background that they may have acquired and other things and apply to a political campaign and then nurture that. Of course, putting together a political campaign consultant team means hiring a poster, hiring a media consultant, direct mail consultants, website consultants, fundraising consultants, telephone consultants, opposition research and research consultants. All of these people have developed expertise over time.

    Many of them are very good; many of them are very competent; many of them are very capable and honest. Some of them may not be; so you have to be very careful and have a very thorough interview process, where you can look at these people, look at the work they have done and check their references, check their biographies, check their ethics and their standards in their work product to make sure that they are people that you can work with and feel comfortable with what they are doing.