How does a budget determine a destination?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel agent Melinda Webb discusses how to plan a honeymoon, including how a budget helps to determine your destination.

    Host: How does a budget determine a destination?

    Melinda Webb: That's a very good question and I always have a lot of clients that come and they want to do ten days in Tahiti and they will want to do everything from the east coast for $4000 which will never happen because Tahiti is a very expensive destination. If that budget is set and we only have $4000 left, there are a lot of other fantastic destinations that can give the same flavor and may not be exactly the same. So, for example, if we were looking maybe Fiji or if we look at Hawaii. So, a budget will determine the destination in that whether or not you can afford that particular destination. Some destinations are more affordable than others too.