How does drinking contribute to a celebration?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Social worker Judith W. Cousins discusses how drinking contributes to a celebration.

    Host: How does drinking contribute to a celebration?

    Judith W. Cousins: In a number of ways, one is as I ve mentioned, drinking helps us to be just a little bit more relaxed, perhaps our inhibitions are a little bit more relaxed. We are not quite as anxious when we have a glass of wine or two glasses of beer and the social and psychological peace in a celebration when we are with friends, we are doing something that makes all of us feel happy, feel in a celebrating mood and so that helps as well. We are usually in a situation, we are in a situation where we are celebrating, we are happy, we ve just closed a very expensive deal, we have made a lot of money or our final child is getting married, whatever the situation is, we feel like celebrating and drinking adds to that for those reasons.