How does having a drink or two drinks help a person’s heart?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Social worker Judith W. Cousins discusses if having a drink or two helps a person’s heart.

    Host: How does having a drink or two drinks help a person s heart?

    Judith W. Cousins: There is then research over the last number of years which indicates that having a glass or two particularly, of red wine that s where the research is pointing, a day is helpful to a healthy person and to a person who doesn t have other medical issues and the reason is that it seems to affect in a positive way the cholesterol level. So, in helping the cholesterol level be lower than it might normally be, it helps a person s heart. Not everyone should drink for their heart s health. They will automatically drink a glass or two of wine a day because the research is indicating that it s good for your health. As I said before, it s important to know whether or not you are medically -- it s medically necessary or medically helpful and also whether you have any other issues which are counterindicated.